By Sadie West
There’s genuinely nothing better than ending a long day with a sunset dinner that overlooks the exquisite Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. The perfect place to experience this view is B-Roof, an Italian restaurant located in the heart of Florence with sights too beautiful to ignore. B-Roof sits on top of a five-story hotel and provides a panoramic view of the city. The menu varies from savory seafood and steak to sweet wines and tiramisu. 
It was my 21st birthday, so I needed a memorable spot to wine and dine. After all, not everyone turns 21 in the beautiful city of Florence! The waiter brought the 12 of us to the roof, and all I could hear were the subtle gasps from my friends and the clicking of cameras. The cotton candy skies surrounded us as we spun around, trying to capture every little moment. We settled down at our table set with a white tablecloth, and I would be lying if I said there were no tears shed from the overwhelming feeling of happiness. 
The restaurant staff went above and beyond to ensure we had an enjoyable evening. They tried to communicate with us in English and even went out of their way to make sure we got group photos in front of the view. They knew exactly what we came for and did a perfect job executing our needs throughout the evening. 
Since we were so curious about everything on the menu, I split three different plates with two of my friends. First, we got the scallops, which came with about five relatively small scallops surrounded by a bed of grilled seaweed. The scallops had a mild taste, but you could tell they were fresh. The seaweed didn’t give off any outstanding flavors other than saltiness and a warm, silky texture. 
Next, we got lobster: one small lobster tail and two claws accompanied by different sauces. The lobster was nothing more than a chewy rubber texture with a hint of fish. The only pop of flavor came from drenching a bite in the unknown sauces. 
Finally, we got the steak. Since this was the dish I was looking forward to most, I’m sad to say I wasn’t blown away. The medium-sized steak was placed next to cutlets of seasoned potatoes. We ordered a medium-rare steak, yet it seemed to be well done. The flavors were there but lacked the specialty I expected from such an exquisite restaurant. 
Despite the small portions, the prices were quite hefty. You would be surprised to hear how expensive a small lobster tail could be! Although the food was mediocre for the pricing, the view made the whole experience well worth it. 
To end the evening at B-Roof, I was surprised with a beautifully decorated dessert with a lit candle on top. The group sang to me, and our waiter continued to re-light the candle three more times so I could make extra wishes. To make it even sweeter, the dessert was on the house.In many situations, the atmosphere of a restaurant can make all the difference, and in this case, it did the job. B-Roof is the perfect location overlooking the city of Florence to celebrate any occasion, especially if you are looking for a picture-perfect spot.
Editors: Grace Tipps, Aly O'Shea, Taylor Glissman​​​​​​​