By Ellen Miner
Gelato is an iconic dessert in Italy that many locals enjoy after their meals. However, it isn’t just any dessert. Under the surface, it incorporates all kinds of unforgettable flavors and textures. The sweet dessert Italians enjoy on a daily basis can be anything from creamy, rich or velvety to fruity, chunky, milky or much more.
Living in Arezzo is an amazing experience for all of us Gaylord students, and gelato is an addition that makes it even better. While walking the streets of Arezzo after class one day, a group of friends and I came across a gelato parlor we heard raving reviews about: Paradiso Gelato. I walked into the parlor and, even though I wasn’t hungry at the time, my stomach immediately grumbled when the sensationally sweet smell hit my nose. An array of colors in a cold glass case caught my eye, and the decision of what flavor to get instantly went through my mind. 
After pondering over what felt like the most difficult decision of my life, I settled on getting a double scoop of cremino with pistachio on top. The vivid green color of pistachio lit up my eyes as I took my first bite. My taste buds endured a velvety and rich adventure with a silky smooth texture accompanied by periodic crunches of nuts. The rich and nutty scent paired with the milky, slightly-sweetened gelato and vibrant green color came together to make a delectable experience.
 Thinking that no other flavor could top the incredible experience of the pistachio gelato, I was ready to dig into the cremino flavor. I had no idea what cremino was since I had never heard of it in the States nor did I know how it would taste. The combination of the mild chocolate flavor and a slight undertone of coffee combined with the gooeyness of the dense, syrupy topping melted in my mouth like butter. It was a beautiful scoop of gelato topped with lacey swirl designs and a light brown center that looked luscious and smooth. 
Cremino and pistachio were delicious options at Paradiso, but I couldn’t stop there. The bright and lively red color of the strawberry flavor jumped out at me through the glass and swayed me into buying another scoop. My first spoonful was juicy and tangy with a slight sour kick. The smooth gelato left a sweet yet tart taste that melted in my mouth. 
My experience trying gelato at Paradiso was exquisite and unforgettable. The flavors of cremino, pistachio and strawberry exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend this place to any gelato lovers or first-time visitors like me.
Editors: Grace Tipps, Aly O'Shea, Taylor Glissman
Photographer: Kaiden Patch