By Brigid Wentz
Maninpasta, with a modern interior and broad pasta menu, is the perfect place for a long lunch in Arezzo. Three of us walked in at 11:30, and they kindly let us sit down despite the sign on the door listing the opening time as 12:00. 
The staff was very friendly. All the workers were female, or at least those working when we ate. They were attentive and did their best to explain the dishes in English. We ordered a little bit of everything so we could fully experience the restaurant. 
The service was the best I’ve experienced in Arezzo, and the chef even came out to make sure our meals were up to par. They wanted us to enjoy the meal and even said they’d make changes and swap dishes on the off-chance we didn’t enjoy our food. 
We started with “7 Crostini” on the appetizer menu, and for 7 euros we sampled different toppings like sausage and stracchino on small pieces of warm bread. Each was different and interesting - none of us could pick a favorite because each was so different in flavor. It was more of an affordable option on the menu, but worth a try, especially if you’re with a group. 
I ordered the chicken salad but sampled the truffle ravioli, seafood carbonara and standard tortellini with red sauce. Each pasta was better than the next. For only 12 euros you can get a huge portion of one pasta, but for 2 euros more you can get two smaller sizes of different pastas to sample. 
The salad was topped with celery, carrots, warm chicken, mayo and mustard. It was so fresh and crisp; the dressing was a nice complement to the relatively simple dish. The seafood carbonara stole the show. The sauce was very rich, more eggy tasting than usual, but paired perfectly with the clams and shrimp.
To top off the experience, we ordered a bottle of sparkling rosé for 20 euros. Between the three of us, we were able to finish it by the end of our indulgent meal. Don’t tell our professors, but we were feeling extra tired during our next class! 
I will definitely be returning to Maninpasta soon. Next time, I want to go for dinner so I have longer to enjoy my meal and drinks. The atmosphere at night looks a little younger and more lively, which is exactly what a study abroad student like me is looking for. 
Editors: Grace Tipps, Aly O'Shea, Taylor Glissman
Photographer: Kaki Glieber and Kaiden Patch