By Brigid Wentz
Signorvino is a modern wine shop and restaurant right along the river in Florence. After a long walking tour of the city under the hot sun that morning, we were ready for a relaxing meal beside the water. Our original plan to eat at the restaurant next door fell through, so we were pleasantly surprised when Signorvino could seat our group of 12. 
The menu had two sides, one explaining the meals in Italian and the other in English. They had everything from burgers with fries to a house-made carbonara. I knew my day was going to be filled with gelato and Prosecco, so I opted for a chicken salad and “tossini recco” which was described as “Ligurian focaccia with fresh stracchino cheese.” 
My salad (10 euros) was filled with carrots, tomatoes, parmigiana and croutons served with a hot mustard and honey dressing. Did it remind me of a classic Italian salad? No. However, the large serving size was refreshing; I’ve missed the loads and loads of toppings I’m used to when ordering salads in the states. 
The star of my meal was the focaccia (5.90 euros). Domino’s cheesy bread sticks stand no chance against the delicate focaccia filled with warm, creamy cheese. The bread almost reminded me of puff pastry: slightly bland and thin, but the cheese made it so enjoyable. The edges of the bread were crispy and the middle was soft, creating the perfect combination. 
Although we couldn’t sit outside without a reservation, we still saw the river through the glass windows surrounding us. The waiter was attentive without being too nosy and even let us pop a bottle of Prosecco. The Prosseco was delicious.  A Brute bottle was 15 euros and didn’t disappoint; it was crisp and refreshing with the bubbles but not too sweet to clash with the flavors from my salad and cheesy bread. 
My only regret is that I didn’t get a charcuterie board to start things off. A board was only 16 euros and came with way more meats and cheeses than I’ve seen offered at other Italian restaurants. The bags of bread we got as we were seated was just enough to hold me over, but some balsamic and olive oil would’ve paired very nicely with it. 
Many people at the table ordered Carbonara and said it was delicious. I tried a bite and was not disappointed by the rich and creamy sauce. There was also more bacon in the pasta dish compared to other carbonara dishes I’ve seen around Italy. 
I don’t know when I’ll return to Florence again, but I wouldn’t be opposed to going back to Signorvino for a drink and appetizer. The food was good, but there are so many new restaurants I still want to try in Florence.
Editors: Grace Tipps, Aly O'Shea, Taylor Glissman​​​​​​​