By Emily Privrat
Seeking something to satisfy your sweet tooth in Italy will take you to a gelato shop or a bakery, and it could also mean eating dessert at a restaurant. In Arezzo, there’s always something sweet available just steps away. From my wanderings, I’ve highlighted my five favorite spots containing a variety of treats that will cure any craving.
Ristorante di Mariano
Stop at Mariano’s on Vittorio Veneto for a welcoming atmosphere and one of the best dining experiences in Arezzo, but don’t pass on dessert! Your tastebuds will thank you. The two desserts I’ve tried are ice cream with coffee and molten chocolate cake. My favorite of the two is the cake. The first bite is magical. Imagine having no expectations, but then you cut your fork into the perfectly spongy cake, and warm chocolate slowly spills from the center. To anyone lactose intolerant: it’s worth it!
Saunter down Corso Italia, past streets full of boutiques to Cremi’s: the best place to eat gelato. Although the main attraction is its gelato, there are other things to munch on at Cremi’s. Try one of their specialty crepes or fruitelli (a juice made with fresh fruit). It’s the best place to sit and people watch. You can see hungry families and couples make their way down the hill towards restaurants, but my favorite time to go is during the hottest part of the day. My go-to flavors of gelato are mint and strawberry, but depending on what size you decide, you can get up to three of their many flavors. 
Eda’s Bakery 
Stray from the main roads and you’ll find Eda’s bakery near Piazza Guido Monaco. If you’re in need of more sustenance and less sugar, I recommend trying something from here. They have a wide variety of pastries and cookies as well as coffee drinks to start off the day. I suggest choosing the small cup of strawberry shortcake with blueberries on top. With the blueberries, this treat leans towards the tart and sour side, but I think it's a perfect combination. 
Punto Gelato
Still in need of some gelato after dinner? Then make your way across Corso Italia to Punto Gelato! They have the most unique gelato flavors in all of Arezzo. Try out Punto’s Brazilian flavors in a cone, bowl or cup; it won’t disappoint! An unexpectedly good flavor is avocado! If you prefer going with a more familiar flavor, Punto Gelato also serves peanut butter gelato and several berry flavors.
Le Golosita’
Some might not notice this bakery crammed in the middle of one of Arezzo’s busiest areas, Piazza Guido Monaco, but the atmosphere is like no other. The moment you step inside it feels as if you stepped into the Nighthawks painting by Edward Hopper. All sense of being in a busy urban setting disappears. Instead, your attention is focused on the illuminating cold case filled with cookies, slices of pie, cannolis and much more to discover. The crunchy, caramelized cannolis remove me from the city setting and provide a sense of escapism. Le Golosita’ is a must for those in need of a break from any fast-paced setting.
The amount of sweet shops Arezzo has to offer can be overwhelming, but these five spots are must trys for every visitor! They will help you find your favorite spot to experience Arezzo while enjoying an amazing dessert.
Editors: Grace Tipps, Aly O'Shea, Taylor Glissman
Photographer: Emily Turner