By Taylor Glissman 
Until trying Urban Cafè, I had yet to venture outside Arezzo’s walls for lunch. The usual two-hour gap between my classes gives our group plenty of time to check out local spots for a quick bite or a lunch on Italian time: immensely drawn out and slow. My friends and I made the hike over to Urban Cafè, trekking up massive hills, even larger than the ones we usually take to the Annex building that houses our classroom. Once we arrived at the cute café with pink walls inside and a disco ball hanging from the ceiling, we were momentarily more excited for a break from the sun than the food awaiting us.
The building was quaint, and the colors and decor made a solid attempt at living up to its “urban” name. The café appeared much more modern than other coffee shops I’ve seen in Arezzo. It reminded me of study spots around campus in the states, with plenty of seating, chill music and all-around good vibes. The café offers the usual: coffee, pastries and sandwiches. They also had bottles of wine and other alcohol on the shelves above. I didn’t order any drinks, but the spacious location makes me assume that it’s a popular spot for a night out. 
The man behind the counter was very kind and gave our group recommendations on food and coffee. I wanted to try a variety of options, so I ordered a sandwich, croissant and cappuccino. He was the only employee there, so he finished preparing my order before moving on to my friends in line after. I carried my dishes to a table in the enclosed patio and took a seat.
The sandwich was pretty basic: the dry and crumbly bread paired with ham and mushroom cream. It was fairly salty, but I’ve grown used to the saltiness found in many Italian sandwiches here. The cappuccino was decent; the foam and cacao on top diluted the strong espresso flavor, but I still had to add a packet or two of sugar to make it drinkable for my taste. The pastry was my favorite part of the meal: the flaky layers crunched with every bite, and the peach jam perfectly complemented the vanilla icing drizzled on top of the croissant.
I was not overly impressed with the food there. Everything I ordered was on par with any other café in Arezzo. I’m sure I could get a similar (or better) croissant and coffee at any café down the street.
Editors: Grace Tipps, Aly O'Shea, Taylor Glissman
Photographer: Jessie Klinger